The STA518 is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology.


The STA518 is a monolithic quad half-bridge stage in multipower BCD technology. The device can be used also as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting the CONFIG pin to the Vdd pin, as a single bridge with double current capacity. The device is particularly designed to make the output stage of a stereo all-digital high-efficiency (DDX™) amplifier capable of delivering an output power of 24 W x 4 channels @ THD = 10% at VCC 30 V into a 4 ohm  load in single-ended configuration. It can also deliver 50 + 50 W @ THD = 10% at VCC 29 V as output power into an 8 ohm load in BTL configuration and 70 W @ THD = 10% at VCC 34 V into 8ohm in a single paralleled BTL configuration. The input pins have a threshold proportional to the VL pin voltage



  • Multipower BCD technology 
  • Minimum input output pulse width distortion 
  • 200 m Rds ON complementary DMOS output stage 
  • CMOS-compatible logic inputs 
  • Thermal protection 
  • Thermal warning output 
  • Under voltage protection 
  • Short-circuit protection

Power outputs 

The STA518 power and output pins are duplicated to provide a low impedance path for the device's bridged outputs. All duplicate power, ground and output pins must be connected for proper operation. The PWRDN or TRI-STATE pins should be used to set all MOSFETS to the Hi-Z state during power-up until the logic power supply, VL, is settled. 

 Parallel output / high current operation 

When using DDX mode output, the STA518 outputs can be connected in parallel in order to increase the output current capability to a load. In this configuration the STA518 can provide 70 W into 8 ohm. This mode of operation is enabled with the CONFIG pin (pin 24) connected to VREG1 and the inputs combined INLA=INLB, INRA=INRB and the outputs combined OUTLA=OTLB, OUTRA=OUTRB. 

Additional information Output Filter: 

A passive 2nd order passive filter is used on the STA518 power outputs to reconstruct an analog audio signal. System performance can be significantly affected by the output filter design and choice of passive components. A filter design for 6 ohm / 8 ohm loads

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