Smart distance meter using ultrasonic sensor, Arduino and memory card shield circuit diagram.

Smart distance meter.

Distance measuring device is a device that is used to measure the length between two points or more. The distance measurement can be little bit difficult if the targets that want to be measured are far from reaching or high. The purpose of this project is to design and create a better distance better distance measurement that can encounter the measuring problem. An ultrasonic measuring device is proposed to solve the problem as the ultrasonic using an ultrasonic sound. 

The ultrasonic transducer is operating at frequencies in between 40 kHz to 250 kHz. The concept for the project is using the LCD screen and displayed the reading of distance measured and user can use switch button when measure value is taken. in the circuit, there have Store switch. Besides that, the project using Memory card, which treated as the main component in hardware part, that can save measurements, where the ATMEGA 328P will control the whole operation of the circuit while the measurement is executed.



Measuring a distance by using a smart meter is greet for use now day. In construction and for domestic usage, the measurement is from tape meter and other distance measure equipment. Distance Measurement using microcontroller and Ultrasonic Sensor. 
The ultrasonic sensor is consisting of Transmitter and Receiver modules. Transmitter part ejects the pulse out and the receiver part receives the pulse. If an obstacle is placed before the sensor, the transmitted pulse ejected strike the obstacle and reflected back. The reflected pulse is received by the receiver part. The time between transmission and reception is calculated. This data is processed to calculate distance.


This project implemented the ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic technology is one of the solutions used to optimized balance between cost and the device features. The ultrasonic distance measurer is used 'mainly when a non-contact measurer is required. The Smart Distance Measurement Detector using ATMEGA 328P is an efficient way to measure distance and check measurement value that is stored in memory, where the device can record and recall distance measurements, 'allowing several readings to be taken before copying them into paper.

Key Formulas

To measure the distance the sound has traveled we use the formula:

Distance = (Time x SpeedOfSound) / 2.
The "2" is in the formula because the sound has to travel back and forth. First, the sound travels away from the sensor, and then it bounces off of a surface and returns back.

The Distance that can measure.
  • Distance at surface level 2cm – 450cm.
  • Distance deep to the ground 2cm- 350cm.

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